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Fun Pics

This is the page that says it all... a place for Yankee members to show their pride for their terrier's accomplishments! Email your photos/stories to Lisa Benoit at lisamarkowiczbenoit@gmail.com and I will post for the world to see!


Hillside Wilbur kicked butt even though he missed his flat race. First in hurdles Saturday, Championship flats and hurdles Sunday. Championship and fastest time two days in a row in lure coursing. 

Laila Kokkala and James Muttart


Virginia Spring Fever Trial I & II

Had a great time. The Hillside dogs did a wonderful job; placing in almost everything they entered. So fun to watch this little girl run. Hillside Charlotte pictured in red collar, won flats both days and 2nd on hurdles. Went on to win Reserve Over Racing Champion.. Rebel Run Annie won Champion both days.. Congrats to Lorie Belvedere!

Charlotte as won Reserve Champion for fastest time in Thunder Tunnel (pictured left). That was really challenging. Lots of terrier wouldn't do it..

Hillside Boney Marony won Reserve Champion for fastest lure time. Her brother Hillside Moose was Champion Lure Coursing.

Hillside Jackson won Reserve High Jump to Karen Cooper's Dora. He won Top gun on Sat.

Hillside Rosie, pictured in blue collar, won 2nd in flats and 1st in hurdles on Saturday then Under Racing Championship. Sunday she won both flats and hurdles and won the Under Racing Championship again.

Laura and Charlie Harakaly
Hillside Jack Russells
Virginia Spring Fever I & II 2012

Tally Ho
Senior Under Racing Sat: 2nd Flats, 3rd Hurdles,
Senior Under Racing Sun: Head Case ~ 4th Flats & Hurdles!
Senior Under Lure Coursing - 1st Sat & Sun.

Don Mumma

Hunters Glenn Navaho (pictured racing left)
Veteran Under Racing Reserve Champion, Sat & Sun
Veteran Under Top Dog 1st, Sat & Sun
Veteran Under Lure Coursing - 1st Sat , 2nd Sun

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Texas Two Step Trial

InseGuire Strike-A-Pose - pictured left.
3rd under Doug Tack Puppy 6-9 bitch class.

Virginia Spring Fever I Trial
Reserve Best Bitch puppy under Terri Batzer

Hucklehill Rock-On 2nd in open conformation both days..pinned in racing both days pictured left in blue collar.

Hucklehill Symphony 4th in open conformation under Terri Batzer. Pictured below left.
SeaDog Capt Kidd 2nd in flats, hurdles (sunday) and GTG both days. Pictured below right.

SeaDog Scallywags pinned in racing flats and hurdles both days; pictured far left with Denise.

SeaDog Grace O' Malley
1st in flats, hurdles and GTG both days..3rd in 4-6 puppy conformation. Pictured near left.

Denise DeCosta

Seadog Jack Russells

Below: Daphne Moon NADAC agility trial 6/23/2012 earned her O-NJC Jumpers Title and her O-TN-N Tunnelers Title


Had a great time at the VA Trial. Kiwi raced against Will B Quick in his last Veteran Champion race before heading to the Seniors. She nearly had him but ended up Reserve. The old boy had one last Championship in him. Congrats to both!

Kiwi was Reserve GTG Champion as well.

Lisa and Dave Benoit
Ocean State Jacks

Finally Sprite understands GTG! After DQ'ing on Saturday by coming out of the tunnel and running straight to the rat, she made it thru the tunnel and was 1st in her class then Puppy Champion! Love this pup! She won her Conformation class both days to top off the weekend.

Thanks for the fun Sprite!


DD is proud to announce 2 Blue's in adult smooth over male conformation class at the Virginia trial. We love this boy. And here he is at the show...we had a blast and it was so great having a huge NE turnout!

Dan and Dorothy Whiting
DoubleD Jack Russells

Email: ddwhitingranch@aol.com


Gina Snow

English Jack Russell Terriers "Proof is in the Puddin"


NATCH Swanback's Gem
CGC, OFA, BAER, CERF, TT, GTG, CL-2, Elite Versatility, S-EJC, S-TN-E, S-WV-E, O-TG-E, JRTCA Agility III, vWD/Factor VIII neg, NADAC 1,000 lifetime points award, HP-O, S-ECC, S-EAC, NATCH II, Versatility NATCH

Castlewood's Moby

Swanback's Adorable BAER, vWD/Factor VIII neg, CERF, OFA, TT, N-GTG, Junior Dock Dogs title, Dock Dog National Finalist 2011
Swanback's Cue BAER, CERF, OFA, AOE-P, RLPX, vWD/Factor VIII negative, #1 Puppy in RLPX National Ranking 2010, TT, RL1, CGC, Novice Dock Dogs title, NJC

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