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Fun Days/Clinics

Farmcliff Fun Day -   August 23, 2015 

Farmcliff announces its Summer Farmcliff Fun Day on Sunday, August 23, 2015.  The date is later than usual this year because of the dates of the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Regional in Boston in mid-July.  Also, an early Breezewood trial scheduled the first weekend in August and Genie's weekend Agility lessons/competitions made summer scheduling difficult.  Maybe this later date will mean fewer vacation conflicts so more of you can come. As usual, we begin with puppy racing training first at 9:00am. Then novice adult racing practice starts next so if your terrier(s) fit either of these two categories don't be late.  Experienced racers will get their conditioning practice starting around 10:00 am until Noon. After lunch on our deck, you can school your terriers in Go-to-Ground and Lure Coursing.

Price of admission is to bring a Pot-luck dish to share with the group for lunch.  We seem to have great cooks within our JRT group so this is always a gourmet delight.  Welcome dishes are salads of all types, vegetable dishes, meat dishes, stews/soups and home-made deserts.  Please go easy on the pasta dishes as they tend to be the biggest part of the "leftovers".  My waist size doesn't need those calories added to my diet for the next few days following Fun Days because we can never bring ourselves to throw the leftovers out.  Farmcliff provides coffee when you arrive with your pot-luck dishes and we always have plenty of ice cold bottled water through out the day.  Bring your own sodas if that is the beverage you need.
Mark your calendars now so you don't forget the date.  

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