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Franklin Fun Day Sunday, September 30, 2018 

Racing training for puppies and novice racers starts at 9:00am so do not be late if your terriers fit either of these groups. Racing for experienced terriers begins around 10:00am and continues until around noon time.

Your price of admission is to bring a pot-luck dish to share with the rest of us at lunch which is usually around noon time. Bring your favorite Meat and vegetable dishes, salads of all kinds and all types of deserts are great. PLEASE, we don't need a lot of pizzas and macaroni type dishes because Genie never throws any of the leftovers out and I certainly don't need to have all of those pasta calories for the next week or so. We furnish all eating utensils and plenty of iced cold bottled water.

After lunch we will have our rat ready to use for practice doing Go-to-Ground. We also will have our Lure Coursing set-up which is great conditioning for your terriers because this Fun Day is less than two weeks before the 2018 JRTCA national trial.

We go rain or shine even if it is threatening rain. Farmcliff Fun Days almost never have rain but if you bring your rain gear we can have a great Fun Day anyways.

Hope to see you here for lots of fun with your dogs.
Bob & Genie Franklin

Bob & Genie Franklin
Farmcliff JRTs
869 633-4938

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