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Farmcliff Fun Day - Sunday, September 28, 2014

Farmcliff will have its third Farmcliff Fun Day of 2014 on Sunday, September 28, 2014. 

Farmcliff chose this date because it is two weeks before the 2014 JRTCA National trial.  Good way to give your dogs some physical conditioning.
Our Farmcliff Fun Day schedule will be the same as always. We work with puppies (under one year old) getting then introduced to Racing starting at 9:00am followed immediately by novice adult dogs of both sexes and sizes. If you have dogs in these groups PLEASE do not be late!!!

Around 10:00am we start with the adult, experienced racers with Unders first and then Overs without hurdles.  We will then run puppies and novice racers again over the hurdles. Finally, Unders and Overs will run over the hurdles.

As usual, there is no charge for Farmcliff Fun Days.  BUT, we ask that all of you bring a pot-luck dish of some sort to share with the rest of us at noon.  We hope you will bring something home-made and not something you purchased at the Super Market.  Salads, vegetable dishes, fruits, deserts and meat dishes are always wonderful, but please go easy on the pasta type dishes unless these are your specific specialty.

After lunch, we will do Lure Coursing and GTG for those of you who still have any energy left.  Great way to teach those Puppies and Novice dogs how to find the rat in GTG.

Bob & Genie Franklin
Farmcliff JRTs
32 Montano Road
Glastonbury, CT 06033
860 633-4938


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